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(1) The imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning.
(2) Training and instruction in a particular subject.
(3) An informative experience and effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts.
As seen in the media
Welcome to my education page

I strive to continue to grow as a person, friend, son, father, husband, colleague and real estate investor.

"When you're green, your growing. When you're ripe, you rot." - Ray Kroc


Tony Alvarez,, Seminars Attended: Position Yourself for REO Success, Beyond Flipping: Entering LEVEL II Real Estate Investing, Book read: Breaking Into The REO Business


Dyches Boddiford,, Seminars Attended: Creative Financing Strategies & Partnering For Profits


Robert Campbell,, Seminars Attended: Real Estate Timing Conference; Subscription to The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter


Mike Cantu,, audio CDs: Rental Properties & Management, Donít Get Voted Off Real Estate Island


Steve Dexter, Books read: co-author of Buy and Hold Forever: How to Create Wealth for the 21st Century


Peter Fortunato,, Seminars Attended: One Step Beyond, Real Estate Acquisition Techniques, Options


Ward Hanigan,, Seminars Attended: Title Holding Trust, Innovest Alumni Graduates Reunion


Gary Johnston,, Seminars Attended: Financial Freedom Principles, Money Not Math, Mastermind Weekend - Solvang, The Next Step, Legends of Real Estate, Subscription to Monday Thoughts


Reggie Lal,, Seminars Attended: Finding Money In Todayís Market, IRA Investing, RE 202 Workshop: Ultimate Flip Business


Jimmy Napier,, Seminars Attended: Increasing Your Cash Flow, Book read: Power of Negotiation


Bruce Norris,, Seminars Attended: California Real Estate Market Update, The Norris Group Boot Camp, Advanced Investing Skills & Strategies For Quadrant 2.5, All In Or Fold; How to Make A Million Dollars Maximizing the next 24 months, Subscription to newsletter


John Schaub,, Seminars Attended: Making It Big On Little Deals: The Single Family House Seminar


Bill Tan,, Seminars Attended: Creative Ways to Acquire & Control Real Estate


David Tilney,, Seminars Attended: Hassle Free Property Management, Master Leasing


Clyde Wilson,, Seminars Attended: Wealth 101 Investing In Notes, Financial Freedom Principles, Money Not Math

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