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"I would jump at the chance to do business with Jay again. I think he's a fantastic individual."
- K. Gallusz
Private Investors

Our Green projects featured in the media
NBC video featuring associate, Ken Rexrode

View more news videos at:

Real Estate Clubs

San Diego's #1 Real Estate Investment Club

Articles & Reports
North County Times Article featuring our associate, Ken Rexrode.
Sign-up with and get relevant real estate industry articles daily.
Tracks the major metropolitan areas’ appreciation rates.
Contains a roughly 80-page quarterly report on the U.S. housing market.
Up-to-date real estate news.
Current real estate information source.

Foreclosed homes that are for sale by the United States government.
How foreclosures work.
Procedures and tracking abilities.

Property Searches
Search nationwide and find homes half-price.
Find homes nationwide, local contractors, etc. with other great resources.
Real estate news coverage for all metro areas in California and 10 other states.
Services to find homes, realtors, etc.
Comp. searches.
Receive email updates for homes in your area.

Job Growth

Full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government.

Find out about the cost of living in any area and other census information.

Area-specific informational resource.

Survey for future economic trends.

Future job growth throughout the country.

Property profiles and sales comparables.


Get your credit score and copy of your credit reports.


How to repair your credit.

A beginner’s guide to understanding mortgages.


Financial news.

Financial news.

Financial news.

Global economic information.

Landlord laws for all states.

Create your own living trust, LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp.


Find home inspectors.

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