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Our Green projects featured in the media

Fran and Ralph, Seattle, WA

I think I can say that both of our expectations were met. As a realtor for over 30 years, Im finding that there is a lot that I can still learn; Jay was excellent at pointing things out for us and keeping us on track, and my confidence is much higher with putting out offers. We were just a little concerned about the gap lending and he erased a lot of fears around that. I learned so many new and powerful ideas. We appreciate Jays patience with us, his calm attitude and just a great 3-day training with him. At age 68, nothing is promised tomorrow, and I was seriously concerned before (these 3-days), but this program has given me the confidence to be able to attend to my personal needs and the needs of my family, friends and other associates. We feeling supremely more confident than we did before. Weve learned how to write and analysis offers faster and more accurately, we have the confidence to deal with contractors and power team members and invest remotely. This program is light years ahead of anything weve ever seen before. Jay did a really terrific job, very personable person, very understanding, very humane, it was great to have him share with us his personal experience at all levels and certainly appreciate his open mind.
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